Heads Above The Rest Taxidermy

Taxidermy for African, North American and European Mounts

We offer full spectrum Taxidermy Services, Bronze Sculptures, Wildlife Drawings and licensed hunting trophy importer and exporter. Ron Schaefer, is a Master Taxidermist located in Texas, is founder and award winning artisan for Heads Above The Rest LLC® and has been studying the fine art of taxidermy since 1975. Our specialties include African, North American, and European exotics. We offer life size, shoulder mount, pedestal mounts, wall mounts, and trophy rooms.


Our goal is to memorialize your hunting experience and preserve your trophy by creating displays with life-like gestures and quality details. Our mounts look as real as nature created. Here at Heads Above The Rest LLC®, we start by researching and using imagery of the exact animal for our reference. We take the extra time necessary to modify the “one-size-fits-all” commercial manikins to match the specifications of the animal we are preserving. The pose selected will accurately reflect the animal’s behavior.


Bronze Sculpture

Ron Schaefer’s master techniques have lead him into bronzing and art design. Ron offers large landscape sculptures; medium-sized home, office or outside yard sculptures, and small bronzes for the limited budget.

Small bronzes consist of desk top bronzes which are great for inexpensive gifts or for your own personal collection. Our drawer/cabinet pulls are the perfect wildlife decor item to enahnce your home, office or wildlife inspired room.


Wildlife Drawings

You will be amazed by the detail captured in these beautifully depicted portraits. These wildlife drawings are in many private and corporate collections throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. Art collectors can appreciate Ron’s artistic talent as you will see all the tiny sketch markings to identify the hair pattern and structure of the animal in three dimension. Ron Schaefer’s private lessons taught at a master’s level have always filled fast. Ron now only offers classes in very limited numbers.